Branding & Graphics

From a contents list to the company logo, many people use graphics inside and outside their Peli™ case to communicate important information and promote their brand.

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Promote a brand

Graphics on your case are a useful way to promote your product or business in as bold or as subtle a way as you like. We can apply any branding element to a Peli case including your logo, tagline and corporate message. A useful place to apply your logo is the recessed area on the lid of the Peli case however it can also be applied to any side of the case. Branding can even be carried through to the interior with the option of inner-lid graphics and a custom foam insert. Marketing in this way means you get to advertise your product or business wherever your case goes.

Convey information

Case graphics can also be an effective communication tool in providing important information about the contents of the case without having to open it. This comes in particularly handy if you have a warehouse shelf or pallet full of cases or if your case is in situ alongside several others. Having a printed identifier such as a part number on one or more sides can make it a lot easier to spot. Case graphics can also be used to convey hazard notices, contents lists, regulatory symbols - in fact anything at all relating to the product and/or the organisation behind it.

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