What is a Peli Case?

A Peli Case is a brand of plastic injection-moulded case that provides an extremely high level of protection. The qualities that typically define a Peli case are strength, high-impact resistance, dust protection, chemical resistance and IP67 water resistance. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, their reputation for reliability and protection have made them popular in situations where equipment needs to be shielded from harsh conditions.

A Peli Case is useful whenever you need a way to transport your equipment intact. There are more than 60 models of Peli Case, so a wide range of options to meet most needs. They include regular handheld cases, large transport cases with wheels and telescopic handles, toolboxes, top-loading cases, a special all-terrain series of 'mobility cases' as well as cases for laptops and tablets. One of the more recent developments is the Peli Air series, designed to reduce weight without compromising on strength.

Protector Cases

You might sometimes see Peli cases referred to as Protector Cases. The name 'Protector' is a way of distinguishing them from other case ranges that have since been introduced by Peli. Typically, Peli refer to the range as Peli Protector Cases, but most people know them simply as Peli Cases. The Protector case range was conceived way back in 1976 and since then, Peli (in Europe) has been the original manufacturer of the Peli Case.

Pelican Cases

Outside of Europe, Peli Cases are known as Pelican Cases and manufactured by Pelican Products, an American multinational company based in Torrance, California. They adopted the name “Peli” for the European market because in this region the name "Pelican" was already trademarked by another company. Despite the different names, physically the two offerings are virtually identical - as is their reputation. The only difference you’re likely to notice is the logo.

What makes a Peli Case so tough?

The cases are often described as "virtually indestructible". But what is it about a Peli case that makes them so strong?

Peli strength

Peli case features

1. Injection moulded cases in Copolymer Polypropylene
Stronger by design, Peli Cases use an open cell core and solid wall construction, stronger and lighter than a solid core wall.

2. Ball bearing wheels
Stainless steel ball bearing wheels (on selected cases) last longer and ride more smoothly on uneven surfaces.

3. Reinforced padlock protectors
These provide added strength and extra security against cutting and theft.

4. Double-throw latches
This latch system, unique to Peli, holds tight under extraordinary drops and impact yet remains easy to open.

5. Polymer O-ring
The watertight seal of a Peli Case is the result of a tongue-and-groove fit with a polymer o-ring.

6. Automatic pressure equalisation valve
The equalisation valve releases built-up air pressure while keeping water molecules out, resulting in an easy-to-open, watertight case.

7. Stainless steel pins
Stainless steep pins are used for hinges and handles for extra strength.

How are Peli Cases used?

Peli’s commitment to rigorous testing and safety standards means their cases are widely used in demanding environments such as the military, law enforcement and rescue operations. However they are also popular within industries such as engineering as well as with hobbyists engaged in outdoor pursuits such as photography, diving and mountaineering.

Peli case uses

Mechanics, Engineers and Maintenance

Sensitive electronics such as vibration, optometric, optic, telemetric, sensor equipment, ground stations or printed circuit boards (PCB) can be fully integrated into a Peli case with the use of a panel frame or foam. Industrial tools and equipment can be rolled along the ground with a transport case’s heavy duty wheels and telescopic handle, protected from chemicals, humidity and dust. Delicate equipment that needs to be protected from impact can be stored in a crush proof instrument case.

Military, Police, Security & Rescue

Peli cases pass the strictest military tests - MIL C-4150J, STANAG 4280, Def Stan 81-41 and ATA compliance - ensuring that critical communications and IT equipment retain their ability to perform to the highest standards even in the harshest environments. Being virtually indestructible, the cases lend themselves to police, security and rescue services too in a variety of professional applications: rifle and pistol cases, compact boxes for drones and tough first aid cases and tool boxes with trays for medical or emergency use (EMS).

Photographers, Film & TV Specialists

A Peli case can be used as a waterproof camera case to protect your camera, lenses and accessories. Use photo lid organisers, TrekPak dividers and padded dividers to keep everything secured and organised on the inside. For larger broadcast equipment, a waterproof trolley case with wheels and a tow handle will come in handy. Peli cases let you step into the wilderness in any climate and relax knowing that your photographic equipment can be transported safely.

Business Travellers

A hardback laptop case from Peli will protect your laptop computer when you’re on the move. If you travel regularly, their water and impact resistant qualities will give you peace of mind. Interior options include foam (Pick N Pluck) or a computer tray. If you’re staying overnight, there are ‘overnight’ laptop cases with wheels and a telescopic handle, ideal for air and rail travel. These contain special compartments for your overnight clothes and accessories. Peli also produce tablet cases so you can give your iPad or Kindle serious protection while out and about.

Peli Case Inserts

While the case and its myriad features provide a solid reliable barrier, the inside also needs to protect your gear and hold it in place. One of the good things about a Peli Case is the range of options available for interior protection. Options vary from case to case, but include the following.

Peli case interior options

Standard Foam

All Peli Cases except the 1700, 1720 and 1750 can be ordered with Pick N Pluck™ foam as standard. This is an easy, do-it-yourself system to custom-shape the interior of the case according to your needs. Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes - all you have to do is measure your equipment, use tape or chalk to mark the foam, then pull apart the cubes until you have created an appropriate cavity. You can read more about Pick N Pluck foam here. Or find a replacement Peli foam set for your particular model.

Custom Foam

Cases UK also offer more precise foam inserts which can be cut according to your equipment. This is a great solution if you are looking for a truly custom fit. Just send us a sample of your product (or a CAD file) and we'll create a bespoke foam per your requirements. Custom foam is a popular choice for people ordering Peli cases as it can also be branded and coloured in interesting and useful ways. It also offers superior protection, particularly for extremely sensitive equipment like microchips and circuit boards where foam with antistatic properties is available. Custom foam can be created single or multi-layer with compartments. Read more about custom foam.

Padded Dividers

Another way to organise your equipment is with a Padded Divider Set. On most cases these are available as a standard option when you order the case, but they can also be purchased separately as a standalone accessory. Peli dividers are made of durable nylon and foam which makes them extremely versatile as it means you can change the size of each compartment as needed. See the padded divider range.

Lid Organisers

Lid organisers are useful if you have multiple smaller items to store with your main equipment. They are installed with a hook and loop strings (which are included) into the lid of your Peli case. Most of them contain a multitude of pockets in various sizes to protect and keep your gear organised. The style of organiser differs depending to the specific case model. Some are aimed at office equipment such as stationery and documents, while others are designed for slightly bulkier items such as camera accessories. Lid organisers are made of leather or waterproof ballistic nylon with nylon zippers. See the full range of Peli lid organisers.

TrekPak Dividers

TrekPak is a modular divider system that lets you create different shaped pockets inside your Peli case. The divider sections are manufactured from waterproof, closed cell foam laminated to a rigid corrugated plastic panel, making them light, strong and almost impossible to tear or shred. This helps keep your gear safe for years. See the full range of TrekPak dividers.

Panel Frame Inserts

Panel frames allow you to attach an interface panel flush with the rim of the case. The depth of the lid allows switches, buttons, connectors and ports to stand up from the panel face. These are particularly useful for electonic engineers and their OEM projects. See the full range of panel frames.

Peli case parachute

What other cases do Peli™ make?

Besides Peli/Protector Cases there are two other ranges manufactured by Peli:

Storm Case

Peli produce a range of cases known as the Storm Case. Storm Cases come with similarly impressive features and size options as regular Peli Cases. If you are in the market for a Peli case, then Storm Cases from Peli are definitely worth checking out.

Peli-Hardigg Cases

Peli also manufacture a range of roto-moulded cases under the ‘Peli-Hardigg’ brand (named after the company’s acquisition of Hardigg Industries in 2009). These are very high-end shipping containers, even heavier duty than regular Peli or Storm cases. The range includes rackmount cases - popular for housing servers and audio equipment. These are available to order from Cases UK.