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Many Peli™ cases can be adapted for use with electronic interface panels by using a Panel Frame (or for the Storm Case™ range, a metal Bezel Kit). Pre-drilled holes and stainless steel screws make it simple to create a custom case. A polymer o-ring seals the panel so the base of the case remains watertight, even with the lid open.

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1120PF Panel Frame

1120PF Panel Frame£18.23

Fits: 1120

1150PF Panel Frame

1150PF Panel Frame£18.23

Fits: 1150

1200PF Panel Frame

1200PF Panel Frame£18.23

Fits: 1200, 1300

1400PF Panel Frame

1400PF Panel Frame£17.62

Fits: 1400

1430PF Panel Frame

1430PF Panel Frame£15.19

Fits: 1430

1450PF Panel Frame

1450PF Panel Frame£18.53

Fits: 1450

1470PF Panel Frame

1470PF Panel Frame£18.53

Fits: 1470

1490PF Panel Frame

1490PF Panel Frame£19.75

Fits: 1490

1500PF Panel Frame

1500PF Panel Frame£20.06

Fits: 1500

1520PF Panel Frame

1520PF Panel Frame£19.04

Fits: 1520

1550PF Panel Frame

1550PF Panel Frame£21.27

Fits: 1550

iM20xx Bezel Kit Base

iM20xx Bezel Kit Base£37.07

Fits: iM2050, iM2075

iM2100 Bezel Kit Base

iM2100 Bezel Kit Base£53.17

Fits: iM2100

iM2200 Bezel Kit Base

iM2200 Bezel Kit Base£56.32

Fits: iM2200

iM2200 Bezel Kit Lid

iM2200 Bezel Kit Lid£56.32

Fits: iM2200

iM2300 Bezel Kit Base

iM2300 Bezel Kit Base£57.72

Fits: iM2300

iM2300 Bezel Kit Lid

iM2300 Bezel Kit Lid£57.72

Fits: iM2300

iM2306 Bezel Kit Base

iM2306 Bezel Kit Base£53.17

Fits: iM2306

iM2306 Bezel Kit Lid

iM2306 Bezel Kit Lid£53.17

Fits: iM2306

iM24xx Bezel Kit Base

iM24xx Bezel Kit Base£59.47

Fits: iM2400, iM2450

iM24xx Bezel Kit Lid

iM24xx Bezel Kit Lid£59.47

Fits: iM2400, iM2450

iM2500 Bezel Kit Base

iM2500 Bezel Kit Base£60.87

Fits: iM2500

iM2500 Bezel Kit Lid

iM2500 Bezel Kit Lid£60.87

Fits: iM2500

iM26xx Bezel Kit Base

iM26xx Bezel Kit Base£62.97

Fits: iM2600, iM2620

iM26xx Bezel Kit Lid

iM26xx Bezel Kit Lid£62.97

Fits: iM2600, iM2620

iM27xx Bezel Kit Base

iM27xx Bezel Kit Base£69.97

Fits: iM2700, iM2720, iM2750

iM27xx Bezel Kit Lid

iM27xx Bezel Kit Lid£64.72

Fits: iM2700, iM2720, iM2750

iM2875 Bezel Kit Base

iM2875 Bezel Kit Base£71.37

Fits: iM2875

iM28xx Bezel Kit Lid

iM28xx Bezel Kit Lid£71.02

Fits: iM2875

iM29xx Bezel Kit Base

iM29xx Bezel Kit Base£72.77

Fits: iM2950, iM2975

iM29xx Bezel Kit Lid

iM29xx Bezel Kit Lid£72.77

Fits: iM2950, iM2975

iM30xx Bezel Kit Base

iM30xx Bezel Kit Base£155.37

Fits: iM3075

iM30xx Bezel Kit Lid

iM30xx Bezel Kit Lid£143.12

Fits: iM3075


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