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Lid Organisers

Customise your case with a lightweight case lid organiser, utility organiser or photo pallet kit to keep your gear organised and protected inside. Lid organisers install easily with included Velcro® strips or mounting screws.

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iM2300 Lid Organiser

iM2300 Lid Organiser£30.42

Lid Insert

iM2370 Utility Organiser

iM2370 Utility Organiser£29.72

Lid Insert

iM24xx Lid Organiser

iM24xx Lid Organiser£30.42

Lid Insert

iM24xx Photography Pallet

iM24xx Photography Pallet£30.42

Lid Insert

iM2500 Utility Organiser

iM2500 Utility Organiser£30.42

Lid Insert

iM26xx Lid Organiser

iM26xx Lid Organiser£39.87

Lid Insert

iM26xx Utility Organiser

iM26xx Utility Organiser£39.87

Lid Insert

iM27xx Utility Organiser

iM27xx Utility Organiser£44.07

Lid Insert

iM2875 Utility Organiser

iM2875 Utility Organiser£45.12

Lid Insert

iM29xx Utility Organiser

iM29xx Utility Organiser£46.87

Lid Insert

iM3075 Utility Organiser

iM3075 Utility Organiser£45.82

Lid Insert

Peli 1439 Lid Organiser

Peli 1439 Lid Organiser£17.01

Fits: 1430

Peli 1449 Lid Organiser

Peli 1449 Lid Organiser£21.27

Fits: 1440

Peli 1495 Lid Organiser

Peli 1495 Lid Organiser£30.40

Fits: 1495

Peli 1508 Photo Lid Organiser

Peli 1508 Photo Lid Organiser£29.80

Fits: 1500, 1520

Peli 1509 Attache Lid Organiser

Peli 1509 Attache Lid Organiser£31.01

Fits: 1500,1520

Peli 1519 Lid Organiser

Peli 1519 Lid Organiser£25.23

Fits: 1510

Peli 1569 Lid Organiser

Peli 1569 Lid Organiser£36.49

Fits: 1560

Peli 1609 Lid Organiser

Peli 1609 Lid Organiser£45.32

Fits: 1600, 1610, 1620

Peli 1639 Lid Organiser

Peli 1639 Lid Organiser£56.58

Fits: 1630

Peli 1659 Lid Organiser

Peli 1659 Lid Organiser£48.06

Fits: 1650

Peli 1669 Lid Organiser

Peli 1669 Lid Organiser£49.58

Fits: 1660

Peli 1699 Lid Organiser

Peli 1699 Lid Organiser£56.58

Fits: 1690

Peli 0349 Lid Organiser

Peli 0349 Lid Organiser£43.80

Fits: 0340

Peli 0359 Lid Organiser

Peli 0359 Lid Organiser£62.36

Fits: 0350

Peli 0379 Lid Organiser

Peli 0379 Lid Organiser£73.62

Fits: 0370, 1640


Page 1 of 1:    30 Items