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Lid Organisers

Customise your case with a lightweight lid organiser, utility organiser or photo pallet kit to keep your gear organised and protected inside. The organisers fit perfectly inside the lid of the case and are covered with a water-resistant, PVC-coated, high denier nylon fabric for strength and protection from the elements. Lid organisers install easily with included Velcro® strips or mounting screws.

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iM2300 Lid Organiser

iM2300 Lid Organiser£30.42

Lid Insert

iM2370 Utility Organiser

iM2370 Utility Organiser£29.72

Lid Insert

iM24xx Lid Organiser

iM24xx Lid Organiser£30.42

Lid Insert

iM24xx Photography Pallet

iM24xx Photography Pallet£30.42

Lid Insert

iM2500 Utility Organiser

iM2500 Utility Organiser£30.42

Lid Insert

iM26xx Lid Organiser

iM26xx Lid Organiser£39.87

Lid Insert

iM26xx Utility Organiser

iM26xx Utility Organiser£39.87

Lid Insert

iM27xx Utility Organiser

iM27xx Utility Organiser£44.07

Lid Insert

iM2875 Utility Organiser

iM2875 Utility Organiser£45.12

Lid Insert

iM29xx Utility Organiser

iM29xx Utility Organiser£46.87

Lid Insert

iM3075 Utility Organiser

iM3075 Utility Organiser£45.82

Lid Insert

1439 Lid Organiser

1439 Lid Organiser£17.01

Fits: 1430

1449 Lid Organiser

1449 Lid Organiser£21.27

Fits: 1440

1495 Lid Organiser

1495 Lid Organiser£30.40

Fits: 1495

1498 Computer Lid Organiser

1498 Computer Lid Organiser£27.67

Fits: 1490

1508 Photo Lid Organiser

1508 Photo Lid Organiser£29.80

Fits: 1500, 1520

1509 Attache Lid Organiser

1509 Attache Lid Organiser£31.01

Fits: 1500,1520

1519 Lid Organiser

1519 Lid Organiser£25.23

Fits: 1510

1569 Lid Organiser

1569 Lid Organiser£36.49

Fits: 1560

1609 Lid Organiser

1609 Lid Organiser£45.32

Fits: 1600, 1610, 1620

1639 Lid Organiser

1639 Lid Organiser£56.58

Fits: 1630

1659 Lid Organiser

1659 Lid Organiser£48.06

Fits: 1650

1669 Lid Organiser

1669 Lid Organiser£49.58

Fits: 1660

1699 Lid Organiser

1699 Lid Organiser£56.58

Fits: 1690

0349 Lid Organiser

0349 Lid Organiser£43.80

Fits: 0340

0359 Lid Organiser

0359 Lid Organiser£62.36

Fits: 0350

0379 Lid Organiser

0379 Lid Organiser£73.62

Fits: 0370, 1640


Page 1 of 1:    30 Items