TrekPak Inserts

TrekPak™ inserts give you the flexibility to adjust dividers as your gear changes over time. They come with wall sections, divider panels, locking pins and a fool-proof cutting tool. Divider panels are waterproof, lightweight and almost impossible to tear.

These Trek Pak inserts provided by Peli Cases UK enables your storage to have the perfect sized compartments for all your requirements. Tailoring the size of these compartments ensures the smallest and largest of items are secure and unable to move around during transportation.
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Peli 1510 TrekPak Insert

Peli 1510 TrekPak Insert£121.15

Fits: 1510

Peli 1560 TrekPak Insert

Peli 1560 TrekPak Insert£148.37

Fits: 1560

Peli iM2500 TrekPak Insert

Peli iM2500 TrekPak Insert£111.36

Fits: iM2500

Peli iM2720 TrekPak Insert

Peli iM2720 TrekPak Insert£154.50

Fits: iM2720


Page 1 of 1:    53 Items