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TrekPak Inserts

TrekPak™ inserts give you the flexibility to adjust dividers as your gear changes over time. Designed to optimise valuable case space without compromising on protection, TrekPak kits come with wall sections, divider panels, locking pins and a fool-proof cutting tool. Divider panels are manufactured from waterproof, sturdy corrugated plastic which is lightweight, strong and almost impossible to tear or shred. Simply lay your gear in the case, measure and cut the divider sections and lock them in place with the steel U-pins.

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1485TP TrekPak Insert

1485TP TrekPak Insert£95.27

Fits: 1485

1510TP TrekPak Insert

1510TP TrekPak Insert£95.97

Fits: 1510

1525TP TrekPak Insert

1525TP TrekPak Insert£101.18

Fits: 1525

1535TP TrekPak Insert

1535TP TrekPak Insert£117.53

Fits: 1535

1550TP TrekPak Insert

1550TP TrekPak Insert£100.49

Fits: 1550

1555TP TrekPak Insert

1555TP TrekPak Insert£117.53

Fits: 1555

1560TP TrekPak Insert

1560TP TrekPak Insert£117.53

Fits: 1560

1600TP TrekPak Insert

1600TP TrekPak Insert£105.01

Fits: 1600

1605TP TrekPak Insert

1605TP TrekPak Insert£159.97

Fits: 1605

1610TP TrekPak Insert

1610TP TrekPak Insert£133.88

Fits: 1610

1615TP TrekPak Insert

1615TP TrekPak Insert£172.83

Fits: 1615

1650TP TrekPak Insert

1650TP TrekPak Insert£145.36

Fits: 1650

iM2200 TrekPak Insert

iM2200 TrekPak Insert£70.76

Fits: iM2200

iM2300 TrekPak Insert

iM2300 TrekPak Insert£70.76

Fits: iM2300

iM2400 TrekPak Insert

iM2400 TrekPak Insert£75.56

Fits: iM2400

iM2450 TrekPak Insert

iM2450 TrekPak Insert£91.96

Fits: iM2450

iM2500 TrekPak Insert

iM2500 TrekPak Insert£86.36

Fits: iM2500

iM2600 TrekPak Insert

iM2600 TrekPak Insert£89.96

Fits: iM2600

iM2620 TrekPak Insert

iM2620 TrekPak Insert£119.16

Fits: iM2620

iM2720 TrekPak Insert

iM2720 TrekPak Insert£119.96

Fits: iM2720

iM2950 TrekPak Insert

iM2950 TrekPak Insert£147.96

Fits: iM2950

TrekPak Pins (10 pack)

TrekPak Pins (10 pack)£12.14

For TrekPak


Page 1 of 1:    23 Items