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TrekPak Inserts

TrekPak™ inserts give you the flexibility to adjust dividers as your gear changes over time. They come with wall sections, divider panels, locking pins and a fool-proof cutting tool. Divider panels are waterproof, lightweight and almost impossible to tear.

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iM2200 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2200 TrekPak Divider Strip£5.70   £5.52

Fits: iM2200

iM2200 TrekPak Insert

iM2200 TrekPak Insert£70.80   £68.61

Fits: iM2200

iM2300 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2300 TrekPak Divider Strip£6.46   £6.26

Fits: iM2300

iM2300 TrekPak Insert

iM2300 TrekPak Insert£70.80   £68.61

Fits: iM2300

iM2400 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2400 TrekPak Divider Strip£6.85   £6.64

Fits: iM2400

iM2400 TrekPak Insert

iM2400 TrekPak Insert£75.42   £73.08

Fits: iM2400

iM2450 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2450 TrekPak Divider Strip£11.05   £10.71

Fits: iM2450

iM2450 TrekPak Insert

iM2450 TrekPak Insert£91.59   £88.75

Fits: iM2450

iM2500 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2500 TrekPak Divider Strip£9.91   £9.60

Fits: iM2500

iM2500 TrekPak Insert

iM2500 TrekPak Insert£86.20   £83.53

Fits: iM2500

iM2600 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2600 TrekPak Divider Strip£10.29   £9.97

Fits: iM2600

iM2600 TrekPak Insert

iM2600 TrekPak Insert£89.67   £86.89

Fits: iM2600

iM2620 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2620 TrekPak Divider Strip£12.97   £12.57

Fits: iM2620

iM2620 TrekPak Insert

iM2620 TrekPak Insert£118.93   £115.24

Fits: iM2620

iM2720 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2720 TrekPak Divider Strip£17.17   £16.64

Fits: iM2720

iM2720 TrekPak Insert

iM2720 TrekPak Insert£119.70   £115.99

Fits: iM2720

iM2950 TrekPak Divider Strip

iM2950 TrekPak Divider Strip£29.80   £28.88

Fits: iM2950

iM2950 TrekPak Insert

iM2950 TrekPak Insert£147.42   £142.85

Fits: iM2950

Peli 1485TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1485TP TrekPak Insert£95.27   £92.32

Fits: 1485

Peli 1510TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1510TP TrekPak Insert£95.97   £92.99

Fits: 1510

Peli 1525TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1525TP TrekPak Insert£101.18   £98.04

Fits: 1525

Peli 1535TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1535TP TrekPak Insert£117.53   £113.89

Fits: 1535

Peli 1550TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1550TP TrekPak Insert£100.49   £97.37

Fits: 1550

Peli 1555TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1555TP TrekPak Insert£117.53   £113.89

Fits: 1555

Peli 1560TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1560TP TrekPak Insert£117.53   £113.89

Fits: 1560

Peli 1600TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1600TP TrekPak Insert£105.01   £101.75

Fits: 1600

Peli 1605TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1605TP TrekPak Insert£159.97   £155.01

Fits: 1605

Peli 1610TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1610TP TrekPak Insert£133.88   £129.73

Fits: 1610

Peli 1615TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1615TP TrekPak Insert£172.83   £167.47

Fits: 1615

Peli 1650TP TrekPak Insert

Peli 1650TP TrekPak Insert£145.36   £140.85

Fits: 1650

Peli TrekPak Pins (10 pack)

Peli TrekPak Pins (10 pack)£12.14   £11.76

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