Explorer Cases

A line of products designed specifically for the sophisticated, and most diverse or extreme applications. The Explorer case is the first of its kind to be manufactured in Europe, their clean lines and fantastic aesthetics reflect its Italian heritage. All of the Explorer cases are compatible with the wide range of accessories available specifically for this line of product range, including spare foam sets, adjustable shoulder kits, as well as metal or plastic bracket kits.

Explorer cases are on the market to ensure the extremes in atmospheric conditions can be persevered by a wide range of sectors and applications, plus meeting expected standards, such as:

Virtually Indestructible – The Explorer range prides itself for its dustproof, waterproof, crushproof, and chemical-resistant properties. This makes it the perfect companion for its users and their equipment, whatever they may be faced with during the task at hand!

Versatility of Applications – From being used in a hostile, military situation, to scuba diving and recreational activity, the Explorer Case provides the versatility to meet any demands imaginable.

An Italian Heritage of Style – The Explorer case range has always boasted sleek, clean lines, along with fantastic aesthetic, exactly what you would expect from an Italian design team. The product quality has never been compromised in order to achieve the product line’s good looks, this combination of protection as well as style is truly unrivalled.

All Explorer Cases are constructed from a high-thickness, super-strong plastic resin, ensuring a of a crushproof, corrosion-proof construction that can withstand temperatures ranging from -33 to 90 degrees Celsius. Extreme weather conditions can therefore be resisted by the Explorer case range, with their neoprene O-ring seal enabling a fully waterproof and airtight closure that can be entirely relied upon. The design of the moulds for Explorer cases also incorporates grooves that allow for a positive stacking location that provides confidence and prevents toppling from any inaccuracies during stacking. Corrosion-proof, steel pins form part of the load-tested handle construction, making sure all handles are capable of coping with extreme levels of weight bearing. The Explorer range also includes manual pressure release valves that ensures the pressure is equalised with the atmosphere before opening, therefore preventing damage and goods from forcefully being ejected from the case.

Other standard features include a waterproof PVC I.D. label for reliable case recognition and multiple padlocking locations for superior security and safety from unwanted intruders. All Explorer cases are available in a range of sizes and colour combinations.

On selected Explorer Cases, extractable or telescopic handles are part of the design in order to provide ultimate manoeuvrability and ease of transportation.

The Explorer Case range boasts the properties to withstand and tolerate the most diverse conditions across all imaginable applications, including:

Navy and avionics

Scuba & sub aqua

Transport of electronic equipment

Medical equipment

Military equipment

Packing and protection of photographic and multimedia devices

Technical gear

Sports gear

and many more.

Having shown the test of time and adverse conditions and environments, Explorer cases can withstand:

High-altitude drops

Extreme temperatures

High-force impact

Low air pressure

Massive weight-bearing

Water submersion

and much more.

The Explorer cases have been subjected to a series of controlled laboratory tests to prove their suitability for use in the most extreme and hazardous applications. For example, The 21st century force has to depend on the reliability of a range of incredibly sophisticated equipment, night sights, GPS, communication systems and highly technical 'in vision' sighting and targeting devices are a small sample of the equipment in use. It is vital that this kind of equipment is stored and transported safely to all corners of the globe. Peli Explorer cases provide the ultimate protection and transport solution for its users due to the comprehensive list of certification, standards, and ratings that they comply to. These standards include:

IP67 (Ingress Protection, rate 67) - refers to protection against solid particles (first number) and liquids (second number). Therefore 6 means dust-tight (6 being the maximum rating) and 7 means protection against immersion (8 being the maximum rating, indefinite immersion).

STANDAG 4280 (edition 2)

Defence Standard 81-41 (part 3) issue 4

There is no other solution on the market that can boast so many highly regarded standards, provide uncompromising features, whilst still maintaining a market leading level of aesthetic.