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Peli Cases

Peli™ Cases' full line of products, including the Storm and Air Cases are the world's leading protection and transportation solutions for a wide range of applications. All of the Peli Cases are compatible with the wide range of accessories available, including spare foam sets, padded divider systems, and the TrekPak inserts. Tough, airtight and virtually indestructible - their 30-year reputation speaks for itself. (Click here to see every case size.)

Known as Pelican Cases outside of Europe, Peli Cases aim to consistently meet the high standard expected by its worldwide market, this includes:

  • High Quality Control – Peli Cases are completely waterproof, airtight, dust-proof, crush-proof, and build as tough as imaginably possible! Equipped with foam inserts for the ultimate protection of your equipment, whilst the automatic purge valve ensure atmospheric pressure is equalised with the interior.
  • Vast Range of Applications – from medical equipment to camera/production equipment, you can rely on a Peli Case for superior protection and transport of your valuable equipment, including computers and other electronics.
  • Uncompromised Style – The best protection on the market, whilst the design remains aesthetic and stylish.

All Peli Cases are constructed from a polypropylene copolymer resin, ensuring of a super-tough, super-strong, and rugged build quality that can withstand virtually any environment or scenario. As well as this, the integrated neoprene O-ring works in harmony with the tongue and groove seal to maintain an airtight and waterproof fit. The hinges and handle interlocks on all Peli Case models to provide ultimate security, with it being virtually impossible to crack open during any rough handling – these hinges form an integral part of the mould. The ever reliable and convenient automatic purge valves that are assembled into Peli Cases enable the contents of the case to match the atmospheric pressure whilst maintaining its airtight and waterproof qualities, keeping your equipment constantly safe. All Peli Cases also feature padlock facilities, ensuring ultimate security and safety from unwanted intruders.

Other features integrated into selected Peli Cases include stainless-steel reinforced padlock protectors that add a second level of protection and security to the contents of your case, telescopic retractable handles that improve manoeuvrability whilst travelling across the world, as well as ultra-hard, super-strong, and abrasion resistant wheels to help with moving larger cases with ease around a warehouse for example.

Peli Cases are incredibly versatile, and can be utilised within hundreds of various applications, sectors, and industries. Peli Cases are used across the globe for:

  • Electronics and Aerospace
  • Video Broadcast/Production
  • Chemical / Petroleum / Oil industries
  • Marine / Aquatic purposes
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Fire and Emergency services
  • Military
  • Government
  • Sports and Leisure
  • and many more.

Having shown the test of time and adverse conditions and environments, Peli Cases can withstand:

  • High-altitude drops
  • Extreme temperatures
  • High-force impact
  • Low air pressure
  • Massive weight-bearing
  • Water submersion
  • and much more.

Peli Cases provide unrivalled peace of mind for its users due to the comprehensive list of certification, standards, and ratings that they comply to. These standards include:

  • IP67 (Ingress Protection, rate 67) - refers to protection against solid particles (first number) and liquids (second number). Therefore 6 means dust-tight (6 being the maximum rating) and 7 means protection against immersion (8 being the maximum rating, indefinite immersion).
  • ATA (Air Transportation Association) - specific for packaging in the Airline Industry, it tests the cases as a reusable container for a minimum of 100 round trips. Tests measure impact and drop resistance.
  • MIL C-4150J - US military approval for cases under the following conditions: stacking, drop, immersion and humidity.

You will struggle to find another solution on the market that can boast so many highly regarded standards.