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Peli in EMEA. Pelican elsewhere. Why?

Peli in EMEA. Pelican elsewhere. Why?

Where it all began

Anyone in the know is well aware that Pelican Products Inc. are the world's leading protective case manufacturer. However, why has the brand name and logo been substantially changed for the European, Middle Eastern and African marketplace? Why risk missing out on the brand equity of the Pelican Products trademark? Why not stay the same?

As a diving enthusiast from the age of 11, Dave Parker was inspired and motivated by the lack of products available on the market for the diving sector, to seek and develop solutions of his very own. Over the course of the next 20 years, Dave and his wife, Arline, developed some of the Peli/Pelican Products that we still take advantage of today, and remain considered some of the best in the world.

Taking on Europe and Beyond

1997 saw the Pelican brand focus on emerging as a dominant force within the European, Middle Eastern and African marketplace. As with many multi-national organisations, global marketing and strategy needs a carefully considered approach, Peli Products S.L.U was born.

Due to transportation logistics and workforce reliability, Barcelona was chosen as the new European headquarters. The purpose of the Peli trademark is to recognise the attitudes and behaviours of different marketplaces and effectively cater for them. The brand identity was developed to resonate with these characteristics best – the rest is history!

Advancing Forwards

Consistent advancement worldwide caught the attention of many investors during the early 2000s, with Behrman Capital taking over operations of Pelican Products in 2004. Chief personnel from companies such as Microsoft joined the management team, promoting tremendous growth and product line expansion.

Hardigg Industries, one of their main competitors, was acquired by Pelican Products in 2008 - positioning themselves as the largest protective case manufacturer in the world with an incredibly effective global marketing strategy.

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