Peli 1650 Foam Set

Peli 1650 Foam Set

Fits: Peli 1650 Case
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Part Number:  1650-400-000E
Brand:  Peli

Whether you're altering the configuration of your case's interior, or purchasing a foam set for the first time, it's the best solution to ensure your equipment is safe and secure within their own individual compartments.

This 3-piece Replacement Foam Set for the Peli 1650 Case includes:

  • Base foam
  • Lid foam
  • 1 layer of Pick N Pluck foam.

The Pick N PluckTM element of the set is die-cut into 1 inch squares that can simply be pulled out where desired, ensuring of a tight and snug fit.

What is Pick N Pluck™ foam?

The majority of Peli Cases and Peli Storm Cases can be purchased pre-installed with foam. These are standard foam inserts manufactured by Peli. The inserts comprise of three parts:

  1. Lid foam
  2. Base foam
  3. Pick N Pluck foam

The first two are fairly self explanatory: lid foam helps to protect the top of your equipment from the case's lid while it's shut. (Lid foam is convoluted which means it has a distinctive 'egg box' appearance for easier airflow.) Base foam is a single solid layer of foam that you place - you guessed it - across the bottom of the case to cushion the underside of your equipment.

Pick N Pluck foam is the main foam component that sits in the body of the case, directly on top of the base foam. It's a do-it-yourself system that consists of one or more layers of lightly scored, pre-cubed foam which you can pick apart and shape to fit your equipment.

Simply lay your equipment on top of the foam, mark its outline on the foam (e.g. using chalk, tape or pins) then pluck away. It's recommended that you allow at least 2.5cm of foam between your equipment and the case wall.

Watch the video below for a step by step guide.

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